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Simulation Guidelines

Guidelines for the Use of Simulation by Prelicensure Nursing Programs (Approved by the IDFPR Advisory Board of Nursing on 11/6/2015).

Nursing program faculty members maintain the flexibility of defining simulation hours as they do clinical hours and as such, simulation hours are considered equivalent to clinical hours. Just as clinical hours include a variety of activities in addition to direct patient care as pre-conference and post-conference, simulation hours may include time spent for pre-conferences, preparation for patient care assignments, and de-briefing.

The program is responsible for defining and evaluating achievement of program outcomes as well as for selecting and implementing teaching/learning strategies to support achievement of the outcomes. These responsibilities are within the realm of the MSN prepared faculty.

A nursing program may opt to utilize a maximum of 25% of its total program’s designated clinical hours to meet learning outcomes through the use of simulation. Registered nurse(s) who is (are) master’s prepared in nursing will serve to coordinate, conduct, and evaluate simulation-based learning experiences.

All Illinois pre-licensure nursing programs are encouraged to follow the NCSBN Simulation Guidelines for Prelicensure Nursing Programs delineated in Alexander, Durham, Hooper, Jeffries, Goldman, Kardong-Edgren, Kesten, Spector, Tagliareni, Radtke, and Tillman (2015).