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Governor JB Pritzker
Committed to the Nursing Profession
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State Seal What Do We Know About Illinois APRNs as We Move Towards Full Scope Practice?
State Seal Illinois Nursing Workforce Center 2017 LPN Survey Report
State Seal Data and Resources Available Online on the Illinois Nursing Workforce Center Website
State Seal We have a New Name – The Illinois Nursing Workforce Center
State Seal The Illinois Center for Nursing 2016 RN Survey Report
State Seal IDFPR Online Resources available to licensees
State Seal IDFPR Board of Nursing Annual Survey Report (2011-2015)
State Seal IDFPR RN and APN Data collection

State Seal LPN Workforce Survey Conducted with On-line License Renewal
State Seal ICN elects new Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson
State Seal RNs we need your help – please complete the voluntary survey after completing RN license renewal
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APNs please complete the voluntary survey after completing APN license renewal – first time ICN is collecting data with license renewal

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Application to classify a limited number of records as confidential is now available

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Where can I go for Online Nursing Education in Illinois?

State Seal 03/16/2016 IDFPR, RN and APN New Paperless Relicensure Process and Printing of License FAQ sheet
State Seal 10/20/2015 IDFPR, Nurses Association Convene Historic Meeting
State Seal 09/09/2015 FY15 Nurse Educator Fellows recognized by ICN and IBHE
State Seal 08/04/2015 Streamlined Nursing Licensure Verification for RNs and LPNs using Nursys
State Seal 07/10/2015 ICN Chair Shekleton presents RN Workforce Survey Report to the Board of Nursing
State Seal 06/30/2015 Let’s get ready for Illinois RN relicensure in 2016 – Q/A
State Seal 06/25/2015 Illinois Center for Nursing Initiatives
State Seal 06/24/2015 ICN Board Member Carmen Hovanec, MSN, RN presents Leadership Webinar - serving on a Hospital Board
State Seal 05/20/2015 IL Nursing Survey Reveals Approaching RN Shortage
State Seal 05/13/2015 Illinois Center for Nursing Information Brochure
State Seal 02/01/2015 Illinois Center for Nursing Collects Workforce Data
State Seal 01/30/2015 Illinois Center for Nursing Moves Forward

State Seal 09/29/2014 Illinois Center for Nursing Hosts Invitational Meeting for Healthcare Workforce Stakeholders
State Seal 08/27/2014 Bridging the Diversity Gap – Nurses Leading Change, Advancing Health
State Seal 06/30/2014 Illinois Center for Nursing Immersed in Strategic Planning
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06/05/2014 - 2014 Nurse Educator Fellowship Awards Ceremony

State Seal 05/31/2014 Illinois Center for Nursing Conducts Workforce Survey
State Seal 04/30/2014 Illinois Center for Nursing Works in Coalition to Provide Nurses the Resources to Support Affordable Care Act Enrollment by Illinois Residents