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Governor Bruce Rauner
Committed to the Nursing Profession
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State Seal IDFPR Online Resources available to licensees
State Seal IDFPR Board of Nursing Annual Survey Report (2011-2015)
State Seal IDFPR RN and APN Data collection

State Seal LPN Workforce Survey Conducted with On-line License Renewal
State Seal ICN elects new Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson
State Seal RNs we need your help – please complete the voluntary survey after completing RN license renewal
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APNs please complete the voluntary survey after completing APN license renewal – first time ICN is collecting data with license renewal

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Application to classify a limited number of records as confidential is now available

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Where can I go for Online Nursing Education in Illinois?

State Seal 03/16/2016 IDFPR, RN and APN New Paperless Relicensure Process and Printing of License FAQ sheet
State Seal 10/20/2015 IDFPR, Nurses Association Convene Historic Meeting
State Seal 09/09/2015 FY15 Nurse Educator Fellows recognized by ICN and IBHE
State Seal 08/04/2015 Streamlined Nursing Licensure Verification for RNs and LPNs using Nursys
State Seal 07/10/2015 ICN Chair Shekleton presents RN Workforce Survey Report to the Board of Nursing
State Seal 06/30/2015 Let’s get ready for Illinois RN relicensure in 2016 – Q/A
State Seal 06/25/2015 Illinois Center for Nursing Initiatives
State Seal 06/24/2015 ICN Board Member Carmen Hovanec, MSN, RN presents Leadership Webinar - serving on a Hospital Board
State Seal 05/20/2015 IL Nursing Survey Reveals Approaching RN Shortage
State Seal 05/13/2015 Illinois Center for Nursing Information Brochure
State Seal 02/01/2015 Illinois Center for Nursing Collects Workforce Data
State Seal 01/30/2015 Illinois Center for Nursing Moves Forward

State Seal 09/29/2014 Illinois Center for Nursing Hosts Invitational Meeting for Healthcare Workforce Stakeholders
State Seal 08/27/2014 Bridging the Diversity Gap – Nurses Leading Change, Advancing Health
State Seal 06/30/2014 Illinois Center for Nursing Immersed in Strategic Planning
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06/05/2014 - 2014 Nurse Educator Fellowship Awards Ceremony

State Seal 05/31/2014 Illinois Center for Nursing Conducts Workforce Survey
State Seal 04/30/2014 Illinois Center for Nursing Works in Coalition to Provide Nurses the Resources to Support Affordable Care Act Enrollment by Illinois Residents